Frequently Asked Questions About Pace 30 Minute Fitness Programmes

Q. What is PACE?
A. PACE (Programmed Aerobic/Anaerobic/ Accommodating Circuit Exercise) is a group exercise program at its best. PACE is the original 30 minute hydraulic circuit program that combines a strength workout with a cardiovascular workout in a half hour program. The key is fun, motivation & support from others. It's more fun to work out with your friends (especially those in the same shape you are in) with an instructor to provide safety, inspiration, motivation, etc. If members have fun, they stick with it and get results.

Q. How does PACE work?
A. A PACE program works on a work/recover/work/recover format alternating between the hydraulic exercise stations and recovery stations, such as jogging squares, for usually 30-45 seconds each. After warm-up, you should try to maintain your target heart rate for the duration of the session. You decide how hard/fast to push yourself.

Q. What will PACE do for me?
A. The major benefit for the PACE user is inches lost. You will burn lots of calories and strengthen your muscles while having fun. You will look and feel better quickly and safely

Q.Although healthy I have never worked out before. Can I do PACE?
A. Yes! Anyone at any fitness level can do PACE. PACE is safe because it automatically adapts the resistance to match your level of effort. As you begin to fatigue, the resistance decreases automatically. You should always check with your Doctor before starting on any majorly increased exercise programme.

Q. Will I get sore muscles from PACE?
A. No. Because PACE machines use hydraulic resistance, there is no "negative" (lowering the weight) resistance which causes muscle soreness. You will feel a very satisfied "fatigue" after a workout, but no soreness the next day.

Q. Will I get big muscles from PACE?
A. No, for very much the same reason that you will not be sore. What you will notice are stronger, leaner, more toned muscles to help increase your resting metabolism, which means you will be burning more calories during everyday activities.

Q. Will I lose weight from PACE?
A. Yes and no. You will lose body fat faster than any other 30 minute workout. However, as you increase your muscle strength, you may gain a pound or two of muscle weight. Again, the major benefit will be inches lost.

Q. How does PACE burn fat faster than any other 30 minute workout?
A. PACE burns fat 3 ways. 1.Each machine works two major muscle groups, thereby utilizing more muscle mass and burning more calories. 2. You burn more calories following your workout. (The body's metabolism stays higher longer.) 3. You will increase lean body weight and metabolism. A pound of muscle will burn about 50 calories per day more than a pound of fat.

Q. How many calories does a PACE workout burn?
A. Research has shown that a 30 minute PACE workout burns between 350 to 900 calories depending on the intensity of the workout and your increasingly lean body weight. As you progress in your PACE workouts, you will be able to push harder and you will be getting stronger, so you will be burning more calories progressively.

Q. Why does PACE have the "in-between" stations?
A. For people pushing hard on the hydraulic machines, they act as "rest" stations and allow the user's heart rate to lower into their target zone. The format of PACE is work/recover/work/recover, which burns more calories and helps eliminate boredom.

Q. How is PACE different than other aerobic programs?
A. Some programs require a degree of skill and coordination and tend to intimidate the unfit person. Others can place a great deal of stress on the joints and do not provide muscle toning, especially for the upper body. PACE is fun and easy for anyone to do and provides a total body strength and cardiovascular workout.

Q. Is PACE better than dieting?
A. Diets by themselves have proven over the long run to be unsuccessful in permanent weight control. Proper nutrition, combined with good exercise, is the best way to improve health and permanently change body composition.

Q. Why is Ladypace specially for women?
A. Inches lost, toned muscles and curves are the most common goals for women, especially in a non-intimidating user friendly way, not causing muscle soreness, but producing excellent results quickly. PACE combines both a muscle toning strength workout with a "no coordination necessary", fun cardiovascular workout. A complete PACE workout takes only 30 minutes, but burns more calories than an hour and a half on conventional cardio equipment!