What our users say about Ladypace

  I have been exercising at Ladypace for the past eighteen months, and with the help of a sensible diet, have lost 25 inches and dropped 3 dress sizes!

The staff at Ladypace are very friendly and helpful and the members all make newcomers feel very welcome.

There is no pressure to work harder than you feel able. I would encourage anyone to give it a try and watch the inches disappear.

Lois, Age 66, loss of 25 inches. 

  After trying, and failing, to lose weight for quite some time I joind Ladypace. Their "No men No mirrors" policy really appealed to me as despite being overweight and not feeling confident in a typical gym situation, I actually liked to exercise. This truly was one of the best things I have ever done.

The lovely ladies that I see regularly are all shapes, sizes and ages but we all love to chat which makes the 30minute/3 circuit workouts flyby. The very "hands on" owners Emma and Peta are great and so encouraging, with their help and knowledge I have achieved a loss of 31 inches in total and have dropped 2 (almost 3) dress sizes!!

My body fat, BMI and weight are all now in the "healthy" range, something I wouldn't have believed I could achieve. If you are reading this because you're considering joining, I would urge you to just get ona nd do it. You wont regret it!

Julie, 54 and 31 inches lost  

 The best thing I ever did was join Ladypace in Oct 08.

Being a chocolate lover and anti exercise I have always battled the bulge!

Thanks to Ladypace and their friendly staff I am now winning the battle. Being able to go whenever I have a spare 30 minutes means even the busiest person can workout. There is always someone to chat to and it really works.

Combined with a diet program I have lost and amazing 58 inches and 4 and half stone.

I couldn't have done it without Ladypace. I advise don't delay and join today!

Becky, Age 35, Loss of 58.5 inches. 

  I come to Ladypace after dropping my children off at school and nursery. I really appreciate the time flexibility which enables me to fit exercise around family routines. It also provides some re-energising 'me time' in a fun and friendly

Hannah, 37, nearly 6 inches lost.  

 I started going to Ladypace in Sept 2009 and really enjoyed it.

Being one of the older members and going three times a week I enjoy the Funaerobics classes and the Friday workout.

The staff are helpful and friendly and I’ve made good friends.

I don’t diet but my weight for my age is good.

So if you want to have fun and stay fit, Join up!

Mary, 72 years young. 

 I am 48 and have been going to Ladypace for many years although I had to have a lot of time off during many operations, but I am very happy I am back.

I enjoy everything about it from the minute I walk in, its so bright and welcoming the staff are fab and the ladies that go are all so friendly, the equipment is brilliant.

The whole workout is so enjoyable I go most days of the week, the time just flies when you’re having fun.

Tracey, 48, 6 inches lost